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Following years of trade unions campaigning against sexist dress codes in the workplace the Government Equalities Office (GEO) have finally published dress code guidance for employers and employees.
Author: Natasha Owusu
19 Jun 2018
Here are 5 key issues that should give you pause for thought.
Author: Matt Dykes
18 Jun 2018
TUC analysis published ahead of Fathers’ Day reveals that one in four dads who had a child in the last 12 months didn’t qualify for statutory paternity pay.
Author: Elly Gibson
15 Jun 2018
Across the country there are a disproportionate number of young people out of work. The average young worker is only £42 a week better off than young workers were 20 years ago. Bath Farhat talks about the problems that young workers face in today's workforce.
Author: Beth Farhat
14 Jun 2018
In today’s discussion of the EU Withdrawal Bill, the Commons will debate Lords Amendment No 4, on providing better protections for workers’ rights.
Author: Owen Tudor
12 Jun 2018
Allowing a bit of flexibility for fans who want to watch the World Cup can give staff morale a big boost.
Author: Paul Sellers
13 Jun 2018
How is it that recent news is full of retail redundancies and failing chains, yet employment continues to grow in the sector? How can we be spending more on shopping at a time when real wages are still being squeezed? Surely there must be an explanation for these apparent contradictions.
Retail photo
Author: Paul Sellers
12 Jun 2018
Women will have shouldered 86% of the burden of the government’s changes to the tax and benefits system by 2020.
Author: Claire Mullaly
08 Jun 2018