Autism Awareness in the Workplace - Wales Toolkit

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The aim of this toolkit is to provide information to help union officers and reps in Wales represent autistic members effectively, address the barriers faced by workers with autism spectrum conditions (ASCs) and promote the value of neurodiversity in the workplace. Neurodiversity is a relatively new term that refers to the diversity of the human brain and people's 'neurocognitive functioning'.  This means there is a wide range of difference in how people's brains work and not everyone is 'neurotypical' (a term describing those without neurological conditions). Neurodiversity recognises that some people's brains are 'wired' differently.  

The toolkit is also a resource for the Wales TUC Education Service's Autism Awareness in the Workplace course. Please contact for further information about courses.

The toolkit has been developed by the Wales TUC in conjunction with trade union education tutors and the staff and service users of Autism Spectrum Connections Cymru (ASC Cymru). ASC Cymru is a charity which was set up to provide specialist services in Wales. Its ACCESS employment service works to support people to gain and maintain employment opportunities. It also works closely with employers to support them to identify and implement a range of reasonable adjustments and is part of the Welsh Government backed Wales Anchor Companies Autism and Employment Project.

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