Event registration - fair collection, processing and privacy notices

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Fair Collection, Processing and Privacy Notices

The Wales Trades Union Congress (“the Wales TUC” or “TUC”) organises and administers funding for trade union education courses and Trade Union Education Service and Learning Services funded events and seminars in Wales.  The Wales TUC is the ‘data controller’ for the purpose of the data being collected from you for this event.

To be able to provide funding for the event you are registering to attend and to administer the event and monitor which union reps/members are attending, the Wales TUC requires the following  information: your name, your union, email and home address.

The Wales TUC may also request that you provide information on your gender and ethnicity for the purposes of equal opportunities monitoring. You can contact us and opt out of providing this information if you wish but we would encourage you to provide it as the information is for monitoring purposes only and will be treated confidentially as set out below.

The Wales TUC also provides an email alert service to send out emails with details of courses, events, information and resources that we consider to be relevant to your union role. We may also contact you to take part in research related to trade union education and/or your role. These emails are kept to a minimum and you can unsubscribe at any time. We encourage all reps to join the email alert service so that you are kept informed about learning opportunities and events.

Where a third party website is used, (e.g. Eventbrite) the data you provide at the time of registration for an event or course will be kept in accordance with the terms of the website used to collect the data. Please note you will be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of that site e.g. Eventbrite). If you do not wish your data to be processed by a third party site please contact us to register your details with us directly at wtuclearn@tuc.org.uk.  Wales TUC will access your information via a password protected account and will keep your data securely stored in both paper and electronic forms. The information will be used by the Wales TUC for a number of purposes which are stated below. We are also required to share some data with our funders (Welsh Government) and with your own union. Data will only be shared securely when necessary and will never be passed on to any other third parties except with your explicit prior consent.

How will my information be used, and who will it be shared with?

  • To administer and confirm eligibility for funding (used by Wales TUC and may be shared with our funders the Welsh Government and its appointed representatives).
  • To assist in the planning and monitoring of learning (used by Wales TUC and may be shared with the Welsh Government, its appointed representatives and your own union).
  • To carry out evaluation and research into trade union education/Learning Services (used by Wales TUC and may be shared with its appointed evaluators/researchers, Welsh Government and its appointed evaluators/researchers and your own union).
  • To provide occasional information via email on relevant trade union education training courses/events and information and resources from the Wales TUC relevant to your union role (used by Wales TUC only). This is an opt in service that you can opt out of at any time.

Your personal data will not be retained for any longer than necessary than the purposes listed above require.

Your rights: Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have rights of access to the data that organisations hold about you. If you have any questions regarding how your data will be used contact:

Wales TUC Cymru, 1 Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF11 9SD    t: 029 2034 7010   e: wtuclearn@tuc.org.uk