Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF)

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WULF is a remarkable scheme designed to drive learning initiatives in unionised workplaces where employers recognise the benefits of working in partnership with unions to up-skill their workforce.

How is it funded?

WULF is funded by Welsh Government in a bidding process, the fund has commitment up until the end of March 2019.

To read the December 2017 Welsh Government article on the latest round click here.

Since its inception in 1999, WULF has received over £13 million of funding by the Welsh Government and this has seen 185 successful and innovative WULF projects to date. These have been responsible for bringing workplace learning to thousands of learners in Wales. As WULF is Welsh Government funded, it offers learning opportunities to all employees within a workplace.

How does it work?

Wales TUC Learning Services works with unions to identify those workplaces, or series of workplaces where a partnership can be developed. Each project has a dedicated Wales TUC Development Officer to support the project manager.

Using the union learning model, which has been developed by Wales TUC, trades unions appoint Union Learning Reps (ULRs) who receive training to enable them to carry out their role. Initially, this will involve a learning needs analysis survey where employees are asked to identify what kind of learning they are interested in. The union may then make an application for WULF funding to tailor a programme of learning which will fit with the needs of employees.  

What does it provide?

Successful WULF projects will take various forms, usually including the establishment of a learning infrastructure within the workplace. WULF funding supports provision of courses, which reinforces the learning culture for unions, employees and employers. Some projects will set up a union workplace learning centre and all will encourage the employer to sign a learning agreement.

Learning Agreements are formal agreements between employer and trade union. As a minimum they set out the role, function and responsibilities of ULRs and ensure that learning remains at the top of the workplace agenda by the establishment of workplace learning committees.

Essential Skills

A major element of WULF projects has been to support learners in unionised workplaces to access essential skills learning – literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology (ICT). The enormous success of unions in supporting learners to access these fundamental building blocks has been widely recognised and applauded.

Vocational Skills

WULF projects are also ideally positioned to engage employers in vocational funding schemes, including apprenticeships and encourage a whole organisation approach to skills and learning development.

Key to WULF’s success has been the establishment of partnership approaches to learning between employers and unions. When the WULF projects end, the culture of learning they have established is maintained by the ongoing commitment of all parties to the benefits brought by workplace learning. This ensures ongoing learning is sustainable and will include employer buy-in, union commitment and employee expectations.

If you would like to know if your trade union has a WULF project please contact Wales TUC by email or phone at:

029 2034 7010

Updated 2016 - 2018 WULF Project Information        


Emma Penman       

Project Worker

07817 145 754       


75 St John Street


EC1M 4NN               

The Learning Partnership Programme   

Promoting the value of developing skills, supporting ULRs within the workplace to deliver learning opportunities to rail workers.


Siân Gale

Project Manager      

029 2032 2582       07570 67 18 67   

Rachel van Koningsveld   

Project Coordinator  CULT Cymru / BECTU

02920 554601 / 07809 204115          

CULT Cymru,

W0007 Ty Oldfield,

Llantrisant Rd.,



CF5 3QF (although we're looking to change this to

Twitter: @cult_cymru

Facebook: cultcymru

Project 1 - Skills for Creatives Sgiliau ar gyfer pobl Creadigol

Co-investment in Learning Cyd-fuddsodiad mewn Dysgu"    "Both brands work under the project title: CULT Cymru (Creative Unions Learning Together)

Skills for Creatives: Working in partnership with like-minded organisations to support creative workers throughout Wales in their technical, craft and digital skills.

Project 2 - Live Local - Think Global’ in the Digital World

Live Local - Think Global in a Digital World. Joint union project between BECTU, Equity, the MU and the Writers' Guild. The enhance the employability, business and digital skills of those working in the creative sector.


Claire James

Project Development Officer     

19A West Bute Street

The Courtyard


CF10 5EP                                                                            

Up-skilling for life-skills

The project is based on providing essential skills and other training within the food industry and the community.

Community / Communitas

Lisa Francis 

Project Manager

029 20668800     07834 745809  

Pembroke House

20 Cathedral Road


CF11 9LJ

Building a Learning Community – Adeiladu Cymundeb Ddysgu

The existing project links an overarching strategy which has been established to up skilling and re skilling the workforce within its membership in Wales within the steel making Industry and manufacturing. The project will continue to have a big emphasis on employer and employee engagement to gain their co investment to maximise learning outcomes. We aim to raise the employability skills and productivity of the workforce, particularly focussing on Essential Skills courses. We will also aspire to integrate the digital literacy aspect and focus on ICT qualifications.


Kim Johnson           

Project Worker                             

Dysgu Gyda’n Gilydd / Learning Together         

Up-skilling of the workforce in Royal Mail and BT Group. From Essential Skills referrals to vocational training.


Simon Fleming

WULF Project Manager


2nd Floor Hastings House

Fitzalan Court


CF240BL region 8               

The Learning Ladder – Yr Ysgol Ddysgu

Working with the fire and rescue services in Wales to offer learning and development opportunities to members and other employees


Mike Wilson 

GMB WULF Project Manager


Mayhill Water Treatment works



NP25 3LX                 

The GMB Learning Advocacy      

Promote Learning throughout Wales and share best practice.


Aziz Bouleghlimat  

Project Manager


Wales Probation Trust

West Glam House

12 Orchard Street. Swansea

SA1 5AD                              

New Routes to Skills Driven Learning

Offer access to vocational qualifications for the probation in both private and public sector workers - support staff facing redundancy - Support access to CPD learning


Anna Wynn Roberts          

Project Manager

07768 080397     

Anna Brees

Project Coordinator 



Twitter: @nujtrainwales

Facebook: NUJ Training Wales               

Continuous Skills Development in a Rapidly Changing Industry     

To ensure that media and communications workers in Wales have access to state of the art training in the digital skills required in where the lines between broadcast and print are increasingly blurred and the internet is becoming the go-to place for news. It also aims to support training in core journalism skills and legal compliance whilst providing valuable training and networking opportunities for freelance or trainee journalists and communications professionals. To make sure media and communications workers in Wales have access to state of the art training in the digital skills required in the world of convergence where lines between broadcast and print are increasingly blurred and the internet is becoming the go-to place for news. It also aims to support training in core journalism skills and legal compliance.

NUT Cymru

Beth Roberts

Cydlynydd Prosiect - Project Co-ordinator                     

Dysgu mwy o Ddysgwyr – Teaching more Teachers

07714 757061 | 029 2049 1818       


TY Sinnott,

18 Neptune Court,

Vanguard Way,


CF24 5PJ  @nutcymrutrain       

Following the success of our “Teaching The Teachers” project (2013-16) NUT Cymru has been awarded further funding from the Welsh Government’s Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF) for our “Teaching More Teachers” project, which aims to provide teachers with even more opportunities for development, including... learning Welsh (or improving your Welsh language skills), keeping up with new technologies, improving your chances of getting that job! and learning techniques to help improve wellbeing.


Jayne Smith 

Project Manager for GALW ETO & LEGO projects

02920 666363  07707 423027

Unite Offices

2nd Floor PCS

1 Cathedral Rd


CF11 9SD                            

Project 1 - Learner Engagement and Gathering Opportunities

Project 2 - Gaining Accessible Learning in Wales – Expansion through Opportunity (GALW ETO)

Post Vacant

PCS GALW ETO Project Officer   

02920 666363         

Contact Jayne Smith

Providing learning opportunity and support to learners across Wales:

1.  Host 20 workplace learning awareness events

2.  Provide community or homebased learning opportunities for 100 workers

3.  To have learning activity in 20 workplaces

4.  To provide learning support, and/or training plans for re-employment/ re-deployment for 30 public sector workers

5.  To support 20 workers into apprenticeship programmes

6.  To establish 5 workplace learning fora across Wales

7.  To recruit 20 ULRs

8.  Signposting workers under threat of redundancy to other funding opportunities


Richard Blakeley

Learning Organiser

02920 488359  07825168258          

Royal College of Midwives

Eastgate House, Floor 8

35-43 Newport Road, Cardiff

CF24 0AB                

Personal and Professional Learning for Midwives and Maternity Support Workers in Wales     

Personal and Professional Learning for Midwives and Maternity Support Workers Supporting maternity staff across Wales to access workplace learning opportunities


Merged with Unite – Contact Unite as below

UCATT - Building learning across Wales – a national strategy


Project 1 - Connecting Learners in South East Wales

Kate Stephens        

Project Manager      

Connecting Learners         

01443 654775 

Faculty of Life Sciences and Education

University of South Wales

Glyntaff Campus,

Cemetery Road



Connecting Learners in South East Wales 16-18   The project is a partnership with the University of South Wales, UNISON‘s largest employer partner in the Higher and Further Education sector. South East Wales is home to nearly half the population of Wales with a workforce of 665,000 in 90,000 businesses across ten local authorities. The project will focus on raising skills and promoting the benefits of addressing essentials skills issues of support staff working in schools, health care support workers and the fragmented mainly social care workforce delivering public services in South East Wales.

Project 2 - Connecting Learners in South West & Central Wales  

Karen Fisher

Project Manager

01792 646640   


Community Lives Consortium

24 Walter Road


SA1 5NN      

FB: Connecting Learners in South West & Central Wales

Twitter: @CL3Project                   

Connecting Learners in South West & Central Wales

To support and complement work place learning opportunities primarily for those working in Social Care, NHS and School Support across South West & Central Wales.

Project 3 - Connecting Learners in North Wales

Bridget Cassidy

Project Manager      

01248 363 175   07799116193                 

30 Stryd y Deon / 30 Dean Street

Bangor, Gwynedd

LL57 1UR      

Connecting Learners in North Wales

The project will focus on raising skills and promoting the benefits of addressing essentials skills issues of support staff working in schools, health care support workers and the fragmented mainly social care workforce delivering public services in North Wales

Project 4 - PROJECT CLOSED DigiSkills Cymru  - PROJECT CLOSED

Richard Speight      

DigiSkills Cymru Project Manager           


c/o WEA YMCA CC Cymru

Bryn Menai


LL57 2JA

twitter: @DigiSkillsCymru

DigiSkills Cymru

Building Digital Literacies in Welsh Public Services. 1 year project Digital literacy within public services

Unite (recently merged with UCATT)

Sue Da’Casto

Regional Learning Organiser

029 2002 2759

07768 931 284


Room 3C

Unite regional Office

1 Cathedral Road

CF11 9SD                         

Project 1 - Learn With Unite Wales (North)

Project 2 - Learn With Unite Wales (South)

To increase access to employability skills in unionised workplaces. To build stakeholder partnerships to support the delivery of qualifications through current WG and EU funding streams as well as providing direct project funding where necessary. TO recruit support and train ULRs across Wales and to promote the Learn with Unite platform branch reps and officials, officers, organisers and members, and to offer ongoing training to ULRs in order to promote the long term sustainability of union led learning.


Jeff Latham  

Project Manager



Almond House


SK8 6QL                 

Driving Up Skills With URTU Learning  

To raise awareness, and engage, with the Logistics sector to provide access to SWiW and Digital Skills.


​Pam Stanton

Project Worker

02920 731131      07592 885 933 


Unit 10, Oak Tree Court

2 Mulberry Drive

Cardiff Gate Business Park, Pontprennau, Cardiff

CF23 8RS                

USDAW (Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers)     

To develop sustainable models that improve access to learning in Usdaw workplaces, which meet sectoral, individual and workplace needs. The model will take into account the differing needs of Usdaw sectors and geographical locations. We intend to use cluster models throughout retail via Mobile Union Learning Reps for workers from all sizes of workplaces to have access to learning with the long term development of a "minimum offer" to provide "something for everyone"